Write Articles Which Fizz, Dazzle And Keep Readers’ Attention

So many new writers seem to struggle with writing articles. They know a good article when they read one, but they just cannot seem to get the gist of how to do it themselves. If you feel that you are one of them, do not despair. There are a number of simple things that you can do to become a better writer over time, and here are some of the ideas I recommend.

The first thing that you have to do if you ever hope to improve your writing, is to make sure you do enough reading. Stephen King said it, and it is true, ‘If you do not have time to read, you do not have the time (or the tools) to write’. It is as simple as that.

Reading can help to teach you how to structure your writing; you get to understand how to arrange your words so that they sound good to a reader.

It does not matter what you read, so long as it is written by a good author. You would be well advised to read different styles of writing and get the feel of what grabs attention the best.

Because your particular interest is writing articles, you should go online and read a few articles every day. Sites like EzineArticles and other online article directories have plenty of well written articles. This can give you a fair idea of how to get a good article out. There are also plenty of tutorials which tell you about what a well written article looks like. They may not talk about word arrangement, but they will tell you about things like structure and keyword usage.

Another vital thing you should do to improve your writing is to actually practice. You just have to; there is no short cut to this. It took me about four hours to write a 500 word article when I started. Now I do it in less than half an hour. It has taken me some time to get there and it took a lot of practice.

In the beginning, a lot of time goes into the research, some of it goes into typing out the words, but most of the time goes into proofing and correcting what you have written. As time goes by, the amount of time that it takes to research goes down, the writing takes you a shorter time and because you do not make so many mistakes, your proofing can be done more quickly.

Finally, do not be too self conscious about your writing. Most people are at the beginning and that is okay, but you have to get over it. Write something and let others read it. Then ask them what they think; this way, you can improve your writing based on feedback.

Just the will to become a better writer means that you are more than half way there. With the help of some coaching, you could well find that your skill and confidence as a writer improves by leaps and bounds.

Sometimes it helps to remember how many rejections and failures were experienced by some of the most successful of today’s writers.