Acupuncture Education: Making its Mark in the Healthcare Industry

Find Acupuncture Education in the United States and Canada. In most Traditional Chinese Medicine schools, students are afforded an extensive acupuncture education; including studies in TCM, Chinese medicine theories, herbal medicine, Tui na, acupressure, moxibustion, cupping, Tai Chi and Qi gong. Subsequently, students enrolled in acupuncture education programs will find that some acupuncture schools will integrate Western medical science into clinical and classroom training to further help students gain an overall concept of Oriental medicine.

Acupuncture education programs range from three – four years; involving in-depth studies in various disciplines of TCM, such as Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, etc. Too, students enrolled in acupuncture education at one of several Oriental medicine schools will learn fascinating subject matter and applications in theories of the Yin and Yang, Five Elements, and ample Chinese medicine terminology. Because the history of Traditional Chinese Medicine is rich with ancient medical wisdom, students engaged in acupuncture education will proficiently learn not only how to use a variety of acupuncture needling techniques, but will also discover how to develop healthy herbal formulas, in addition to unique ways of diagnosing patients.

Traditional and other alternative medicine doctors, such as MDs and DCs, can also opt to register in medical acupuncture education courses, specifically geared toward medical professionals desiring to integrate acupuncture into their primary healthcare facilities. This is one of numerous reasons why acupuncture education is becoming a mainstay in modern academics. While more patients are seeking alternative healing medicine, successful candidates who have taken comprehensive acupuncture education in one of several Traditional Chinese Medicine schools will find career opportunities are increasingly abundant. After graduates have attained certification and licensure, they may pursue entrepreneurial paths to opening private health practices in natural health and healing arts medicine.

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Acupuncture Education: Making its Mark in the Healthcare Industry
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